Charlie – Founder and Clinical Director


Having a love for adrenaline sports and mountain trekking, I have had a nice collection of injuries myself.  I have recognised many times first hand that it’s not always possible to get the right diagnosis and treatment protocol you expect when injured. 

My passion to deliver something different led me to opening my first clinic back in 2012. I have over 13 years experience and a proven success rate of delivering treatment protocols and rehabilitation programmes, whilst combining preventative measures by working closely with the strength and conditioning coaches to improve overall fitness.

I have worked with a varying portfolio of clients, ranging from Team GB athletes, triathletes, celebrities and every day sports participants.


My sole focus is to get to the root cause of the injury and treat with the appropriate technique to ensure a speedy recovery. I am a firm believer in a broad approach to treating injuries, whether it is Medical Acupuncture, Spinal and Joint Mobilisations, Sports Massage, or Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Work.


The assessment process is very relaxed and focussed on getting you back to participating in your chosen activity as soon as possible. 


Who knows, once you get back to your chosen sport or activity you may even decide to join me on my next crazy adventure...

Julie – Senior Sports Therapist


"Growing up in Montreal, Canada, I was always very active and did many different sports and activities, it was natural for me to choose to work with athletes and active people in Sports Therapy. I've practised the eclectic combination of classical ballet, alpine skiing and horseback riding to elite levels, while finding great enjoyment in many forms of swim, bike and run. This experience makes me relate to many of my patients in their activities while totally understanding their passion to keep moving.

In my young career as a Sports Therapist, I've had the chance to combine my kinesiology degree with injury care and management on elite sports teams like Aston Villa Ladies FC, GB Ice Hockey U16, MK Lightning IHC, Oxford City Starts IHC and the National England Junior Ice Hockey team. I currently share my time at the clinic with the Oxford United Women FC as Head of Medical which gives me great insight to close care of elite athletes and young growing talents.



The last few years at the clinic with Charlie brought me to work with a great variety of athletes, including many triathletes and runners, which are sports I've started to specialise in, especially their development and care. My strong Sports Massage and Rehabilitation skills are often praised by patients.


I have also been accompanying patients in their training journey with advice and regular follow ups to optimise their gains and prevent injuries where possible.I always enjoy meeting new people and finding ways for them to keep moving while injured or in a low intensity phase. I enjoy educating my patients on their injury and enabling a strong return to sport and activity.I look forward to working with you together on your path to performance."

Emily – Sports Massage Therapist


I started my career as a Veterinary Physiotherapist and have since developed an interest in sporting injuries and performance and sports massage, particularly

for horse riders.

Outside of the clinic I enjoy long walks in the countryside with my Wirehaired Dachshund. I also have a keen interest in rowing, having previously competed in BUCS rowing regatta whilst at university and participate in the sport regularly.


Em – Sports Rehabilitation and Massage


I graduated with a first class degree in Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation

at Middlesex University. I have worked with runners at the Brighton and London Marathons, representing great charities, such as Mind and Alzheimers Society.


My skills focus on Rehabilitation and Sports Massage, for pre-event, post-event, maintenance and injury prevention.

I am very active and enjoy water sports and being creative with my workouts. Aside from sport and fitness I also express my creativity through life drawing and painting. When I get the chance, I love exploring Europe on short city breaks.